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Welcome! So you want to start rock climbing?
This page is meant to get you started by pointing you in the right direction.

The first option we recommend is our Trial Climbs service
Structured for those who have not climbed before, Trial Climbs are a set of 3 top-roped climbs that are geared to the individual, during which you will be belayed by one of our courteous staff members.

Beginners may also choose to boulder, by purchasing a Day Pass
Bouldering is short, unroped climbing above a fixed padded landing surface. Bouldering does not require belay training or additional equipment (though climbing shoes do help). Bouldering starts at a more difficult level than roped climbing.

For more detailed information on our climbing options, please refer to our Climbing Overview.

Signed Release Agreement
Any person who wants to climb, belay, or take a class at The Delaware Rock Gym must complete
The Delware Rock Gym Release Agreement.
If the participant is under 18 then their parent or court-appointed legal guardian must sign our release agreement on their behalf.

The Delaware Rock Gym
520 Carson Dr. Bear, DE 19701
Tel: 302-838-5850
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