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Climbing Overview: Climbing options and descriptions

Rock climbing is for everyone, whether you are seeking a new workout or a new hobby, or a parent looking for an activity to do with your kids. The Delaware Rock Gym has something for all ability levels, and we welcome you to come give it a try.

There are no age restrictions on climbing, but kids are typically more comfortable to start rock climbing at age 6 and above. We've had participants from ages 3 to 90 years old climb to the top of the wall.

Participants must be 14 years or older to belay or take the Intro to Climbing Class.
Participants must be 14 years or older to climb unsupervised by an accompanying adult.

Trial Climbs
Trial Climbs are an easy way to become introduced to the sport of climbing, and is the service we recommend for beginners or for quick access to roped climbing. Trial Climbs are a set of 3 top-rope climbs that are geared to the individual, during which you will be belayed by one of our courteous staff members.

Trial Climbs are offered on Saturdays and Sundays, beginning at 10 AM and ending at 5 PM by reservation only. Please call us to make an appointment. Athletic shoes or sneakers are required, and you should wear comfortable athletic clothing. Climbing shoes are available for a fee.

Roped Climbing
Roped climbing involves two people: a climber and a belayer. The belayer stands at the bottom of the climb and takes the slack out of the rope as the climber moves up the wall. The belayer must be properly trained to protect the climber.

To climb on rope at the Delaware Rock Gym you will need a belayer. If you have prior experience with belaying you may take our tie-in and belay test. If you do not have experience or know anyone who is properly trained as a belayer, you can either do Trial Climbs with a staff member or take the Intro to Climbing Class to learn the basic belaying skills.

We also offer Sport Lead Climbing for those who are qualified. We offer an Intro to Sport Climbing Class for those intrested.

The Delaware Rock Gym has 54 top-ropes and 21 lead lines, all with multiple routes along each.

Bouldering is short, unroped climbing above a fixed padded landing surface. Our bouldering wall is 14 feet tall. Because bouldering is unroped climbing, bouldering does not require belay training or additional equipment (though climbing shoes do help). Bouldering starts at a more difficult level than roped climbing.

Intro to Climbing Class
This class teaches all the skills necessary for indoor top-rope climbing, including putting on the harness, tying in to the rope, belaying the rope for the climber, and climbing communication. Because roped climbing is a two person system, it is recommended to take the class with a partner or in a group, but individuals are welcome. The minimum age for the class is 14 years old.

The Intro to Climbing Class is regularly held every Saturday and Sunday beginning 11 AM, and is approximately 2 hours. Weekday classes can also be scheduled by appointment. Please plan to arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled start time of any class. The Intro to Climbing Class includes the skills instruction, a Day Pass, and equipment.

What should I wear?
Athletic shoes or sneakers are required, and you should wera comfortable athletic clothing.

Signed Release Agreement
Any person who wants to climb, belay, or take a class at The Delaware Rock Gym must complete
The Delware Rock Gym Release Agreement.
If the participant is under 18 then their parent or court-appointed legal guardian must sign our release agreement on their behalf.

Now you are ready to climb!
We hope this answers all of your questions and we hope to see you here. If you have any further questions check out our FAQ section or give us a call at (302) 838-5850.

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